GH_C : pachyderm

  • outil d’aide à la décision a priori de la forme architecturale, utilisant un algorithme génétique multicritère couplé à un système de simulation acoustique et de calcul des mesures ISO. Son utilisation permet au concepteur l’émersion de morphologies innovantes et qualitatives, aptes à mettre en espace les visions contemporaines des espaces de performance.


  • 1. Input parameters
  • Discrete value
  • Continuous values
  • Permutation sequences
  • 2. Objective functions
  • 3. Constraint functions
  • Design space model as optimization problem
  • Optimization strategies
  • Deterministic methods — ‘solve’
  • Stochastic methods — ‘search’
  • Direct analysis
  • Gradient descent
  • Exhaustive search
  • Heuristics
  • Stochastic search
  • Metaheuristics


  • Carpo who are talking about a reemergence of vitalistic and irrational forces in the domain of computational design. He talks, even, about magic, or indeterminacy
  • you design a system of evaluation in the end
  • post-optimization
  • That idea is based on risk mitigation
  • delay design decisions until they can best decide what the impact of those design decisions are
  • Rather than making that kind of grand gesture at the start of the project, they’re able to make it at the end of the projec
  • computational tools enable the architect to decrease the gap
  • The question that I have about that is, if computation is making us more efficient, and if computation is changing the design process in this really profound way, will there be space for anyone who doesn’t know how to do it?
  • coding is something that we really need to know, not in order to be competitive, but to be able to say something in the future within our own discourse
  • We are currently working on a project that aims to create an open source platform for students to upload their codes and tools where you will be able to hack and build upon someone else’s too
  • accepted notion that there is an authorless condition of the architect within computational design
  • The job of the designer isn’t so much to come up with a design, but to discover why the design is needed
  • phenomenology
  • That’s a problem of what you can quantify practically versus what is quantifiable in a theoretical sense. What we can quantify today isn’t necessarily what is quantifiable in the world


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