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    The Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) is a river basin scale model developed to quantify the impact of land management practices in large, complex watersheds.

  • SWAT is a public domain hydrology model with the following components: weather, surface runoff, return flow, percolation, evapotranspiration, transmission losses, pond and reservoir storage, crop growth and irrigation, groundwater flow, reach routing, nutrient and pesticide loading, and water transfer
  • It can be used to simulate at the basin scale water and nutrients cycle in landscapes whose dominant land use is agriculture
  • SWAT uses a two-level dissagregation scheme; a preliminary subbasin identification is carried out based on topographic criteria, followed by further discretization using land use and soil type considerations.


    Morschek, Julius, Reinhard König, and Sven Schneider. 2019. “An Integrated Urban Planning and Simulation Method to Enforce Spatial Resilience towards Flooding Hazards.” SimAUD, 8.


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