The Indigo mall is situated close to Jiang Tai station on the Beijing city metro line. The link of the station to the centre is an important factor in the commercial success of the centre. HDA were appointed by Swire Properties to design a shelter for the metro as an entrance signal for the centre. A backlit, cantilevered canopy at street level raises up from the deep tunnel platforms to tell a story, as the passengers make the long escalator ascent to the plaza level in front of Indigo. They contemplate the ceiling pattern, reminiscent of tree leaves, that gradually forms into an exciting pattern of dappled light as they reach the surface, announcing the Indigo and Jiang Tai park experience

Sébastien Perrault: Computational Design and Lightning @HDA

Designer : HDA

Client : Indigo (Swire Properties Limited/ Sino Ocean Land joint venture) & Beijing Metro company

Location: Beijing, China

Date : 2013-1014


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