The Taikoo Place in Quarry Bay is gradually being developed by Swire Properties’ as an important business community alternative to Central. The current phase of the development includes a prestigeous 40-story tower with harbour view. The objective for the design is to create an exceptional office environment with exemplary sustainability credentials.

HDA were appointed as facade designers to assist architects Wong and Ouyang’s development of the curtain wall and podium level lobbies.

HDA developed their proposals in response to the built context and climate data, carrying out a solar exposure assessment and parametric sun shading studies of the tower. Bespoke sunshading profiles were drawn and geometrically calibrated to filter light and reduce glare intensity, creating an agreeable soft light in the interior spaces.  Immense 3m wide picture windows were proposed to optimise the harbour views, the tower thus becoming the very first in Hong Kong to exploit a unitized curtain wall design at this scale.

Sébastien Perrault: Concept & Engineering Design @HDA

Skin designer : HDA

Client : Swire Properties

Architect : Wong & Ouyang

Some pictures here by Raphaël Crespin and Gaëtan Kohler

Location: Taïkoo Place, Hong-Kong, China

Date: 2012-2017

Total Area : 150 000m²


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