Swire Properties’ redevelopment of Taikoo Place is about bringing a new life to the Quarry Bay community. Interconnecting the business environment with public activities and social context. The walkways are an essential part of this grand operation linking the new and existing buildings around Taikoo Place. They create a fluid but discreet transition between the work environment and the garden with its peripheral amenities.

Going beyond their functional role, the walkways are intended to animate the garden and provide a promenade as well as direct passages to the green space. They are a symbolic expression of connecting and movement. They bring light to the garden.

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Sébastien Perrault @HDA: concept design, advanced geometry, structures and enveloppe engineering

Architect : HDA

Client : Swire Properties Inc.

HK Consultants:  ARUP (Structure, Fire & Sustainability) ; JRP (Services Engineers) ;  HS&A (Facade Consultants)
Lighting consultants : Speirs & Major (Keith Bradshaw, Benz Roos)
Contractors phase 1 : GAMMON (Main Contractor) ; PERMASTEELLISA (Envelope) ; ATAL (Services)

Location: Hong Kong, China

Date: 2014-2015


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