proposition and analysis of rules-based generative algorithms considering solar access

This paper presents the findings of a research study on the development of rules-based algorithmic methods for the design of solar envelopes and optimized shapes in urban context. They are generated using voxels according to direct solar access rules. Unlike other research projects focused on Cellular Automata approach, the described methods include parameters and objectives related to an eventual implementation on-site such as constructability and comfort criteria e.g. building thickness, neighborhood proximity, compactness, building footprint, among others. As computational and environmental tools become an integral part of the design process of architectural projects, the research opens the discussion on the voxels-based generative design, and their possible impact on future urban morphologies. More specifically, subtractive and additive methods are explored and compared to generate both solar envelopes and building shapes according to quantified solar access criteria, already used in some country as a requirement for light and thermal comfort.

Student: Ilona Darmon

Academic Tutor : Sébastien Perrault – ECHOES.PARIS

Professional Tutor : – NOBATEK/INEF4

Date : 2017-2018


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