• Annotations:
      • there is a missing link in the digital chain between the construction idea and its fabrication, which was – and still is – inhibiting an efficient digital process.
      • our business model is mainly based on our enthusiasm for great buildings and a large portion of laziness
      • In non-standard, complex-geometry, pre-fabrication projects many questions need to be asked (and answered) at an earlier planning stage.
      • Design-to-Production provided a full digital-planning, 3D-models and fabrication data.
      • is about the smart setup of a project workflow.
      • impossible without digital pre-fabrication
      • Therefore, the fabricator needed a precise digital fabrication model, and at 1,800 bespoke components it was also rather obvious that nobody wanted to model them by hand. So, a parametric model was created, that generated all the intricate details automatically
      • we use one of the cheapest 3D modelling programs available on the market (Rhino from McNeel), and we exploit it by extending its abilities with our own tools and plugins we program, often project-specific.
      • “design patterns”
      • large scale parametric digital 3D models
      • We are plugging into the other project partners’ workflows and provide digital information in a way they can use without additional effort


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