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using large-scale 3D printing and generative design to fabricate daylight-filtering façade panels


The benefits of additive manufacturing in architecture and construction are often considered in terms of material and time economy. But digital fabrication offers potential for a more comprehensive value creation approach, creating benefits not only for the builder or the designer but all the way to the end-users of the building. The opportunity to fabricate non-standard building elements allows to inform the design process with constraints and objectives deriving from all stages of the lifecycle of the project. However, such a comprehensive approach needs to be streamlined into a viable workflow.

This research paper aims at illustrating this proposition in the context of an openwork façade consisting of non-standard 3D-printed concrete panels incorporating objectives based on end users visual comfort, structural design and fabrication  process. A generative design algorithm is built, which incorporates all constraints into a fluid process.


Student: Célia Bugniot

Academic Tutor : Sébastien Perrault - ECHOES.PARIS

Professional Tutor : - XTREEE

Date : 2017-2018

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Daylight, Comfort, Façade, Generative Design, Customization, Digital fabrication, Additive manufacturing, Concrete 3D Printing



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