the optimization of static shading devices in Paris


The popularity of modern architecture came to a widely use of curtain wall in all building types, whether it is “form follows function” or “function follows form”, the abuse of high window-to-wall ratio for the educational building caused various negative effects on students because of the neglect of sustainable. This research paper is a preliminary exploration for passive solar design in complex educational building. The propose is to explore the design space of good options of static shading devices for improving the performance of complex building envelope . The main approach is to combine shading device parameters with weather data and building performance metrics. This study explores the optimum shading device for the single classroom in ENPC and a complex project provided by ECHOES.PARIS in a set of scientific ways. The results show that genetic algorithm is applicable to search for the optimum shading device for small-scale architecture. For the complex building envelope, performance improvement is possible but strategies are needed to look for the better shading solution.


Concept, Design & Engineering : ECHOES.PARIS

Student: Congzheng Zou

Professional Tutor: Sébastien Perrault - ECHOES.PARIS

Academic Tutor: Oliver Dambron – ATMOS STUDIO, London



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