Strategic Partner / Architect Engineer @ECHOES.PARIS

Co-founder @VOLUMES

Founder @Design by Data

Teacher @ENSA Paris Val de Seine

Computational designer and obsessed by a procedural approach to social design and architecture, Francesco is one of the founder of Volumes, a 500 m2 creative hub located in Paris including a coworking space, a maker space and a Foodlab. Francesco runs a variety of projects based on the idea of mixing different disciplines in order to create unique designs and experiences.

In his works he strives to push forward the idea of design as a process without boundaries, merging art, social sciences and collaborative cultures.

From 2004 to 2010, he worked at Hugh Dutton Associé, a creative design firm located in Paris, developing projects at the intersection of engineering, architecture, art and design. In 2010, together with Ecosistema Urbano, he coordinated and created the digital layer of Dreamhamar project, a collaborative urbanism process to redesign the city center of the city of Hamar, in Norway.

Since 2010, he teaches architecture and computational design in different schools in France. Since 2015, he is founder and director of Design by Data, an Advanced Master Program in Computational Design, Digital Fabrication and Building Technologies at École des Ponts Paris Tech.In 2016, together with OuiShare, WoMa and Les Arts Codés, he founded Fab City Grand Paris, a collaborative and global initiative to create a new urban model based on locally productive and globally connected self-sufficient cities.



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