...&//LANDSCAPE//(...This is a wood blades hill for bat roosting. A vertical bat-scaled landscape...//
DIVERSITY/#...On the hill, bats can choose their preferred location. They have a large range of accommodation solutions. Internal and external wood blades roosts have different sizes, shapes, sun exposition and thermal condition. Internal boxes rounding the lift provide an artificial cavern atmosphere for bats, and underground ones have a better thermal stability, granted by the earth-insulating effect...[}}/ACCESSIBLE//#/}..Internal lift Boxes are accessible for both researcher and visitors. Researchers can easily access and take away boxes for maintenance and monitoring. Visitors can enjoy a real vertical promenade in the dark among bat roosts. Using Night Vision Binoculars, you can observe bats in their roosts trough a glass. A special glass interlayer will be used to totally avoid light and sounds entering boxes. ...#/
FLEXIBLE}/;...The oval steel frame is a modular system that you can replicate and use in different location with new configurations depending on and thermal needs and size. Using the same elements you can do A or B or C+D. ///VENTILATED/// Internal space has mechanical windows to let air circulate providing thermal regulation. Moreover, bats can freely circulate through. //||BAT LIGHTS/°°/ Mercury vapor lights are used to encourage moths and other flying insects from the lake and, consequently, attracting bats. //%%/
GUANO/// A system for bat guano cleaning and recycling is integrated in the project. In fact, a gutterlike blade and a system of grid-boxes in the ground. ///
BATS 2.0//$/ An infrared web-cams network provide to constantly record bat images. A web 2.0 internet site will manage image data to build a really online interactive exhibition. Computers will be installed in the main buildings of the centre. Bye...


CTRLZ Architectures
Francesco Cingolani et Massimo Lombardi


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