computational design & engineering

research, workflows, design innovation and data as a new design medium.

areas of intervention: Architectural DesignUrban PlanningStructural DesignEnvironmental designData ScienceReal-estate.

main expertise : Computational DesignBIMAdvanced Geometries, Analytics.

  • Outsourced research
  • Subcontracting
  • Computational developments
  • Individual support
  • Training

ECHOES.PARIS is a private research organization approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research


Sébastien Perrault – – sp [at]

Master of Engineering ESTP ParisTech, Architectural Degree Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo – Universidad de Buenos Aires, Architectural Degree Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Val-de-Seine


Current and past collaborators:

Álvaro Cosidó López – – Master’s degree in Computational Design Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Master of Architecture École d’architecture de la ville & des territoires Paris-Est, Bachelor of Architecture ETSAM Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid

Alberto Comenale Pinto – – Dual Master’s degree in Architecture and Construction Engineering University of Rome Tor Vergata

Chiara Rinaldoni – – Dual Master’s degree in Building Engineering and Architecture Università Politecnica delle Marche, Master of Architecture École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris Malaquais

Congzheng Zou – – Master’s degree in Computational Design Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Master of Architecture Jiaxing University

Juliette Truffert – – Master’s degree in Computational Design Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Master of Engineering CentraleSupélec

Marco Juliani –   – Master of Science in Architectural Computation The Bartlett School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture University of Arizona

Olivia Bonjour – – Master of Engineering Ecole centrale de Nantes, Master of Architectural Engineering DTU Technical University of Denmark

Pierre Millot – – Master of Engineering Ecole centrale de Nantes, Master of Architecture ENSA Nantes

Zaheed Lokhandwala – – Master’s degree in Computational Design Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Bachelor of Architecture Rizvi College of Architecture

_temp. 3D Models. ABM-Agent Based Modelling. Accessibility. Acoustics. Active Bending. Activism. Adaptative Thermal Comfort. Additive Manufacturing. ADE-Annual Daylight Exposure. AEC-Architecture Engineering Construction. Aggregations. Agriculture. Agriurban. Agroecology. AI-Artificial Intelligence. Air Pollution. Air-conditionning. Airport. Albedo. Algebrae. Algorithmic Design. Aluminium. Analytics. ANN-Artificial Neural Networks. API-Application Programming Interface. aPSH-Annual Probable Sunlight Hours. AR-Augmented Reality. Architect. Architectural components. Architectural Design. Architectural Geometry. Architecture. Art. Artificial Lighting. ASE-Annual Sunlight Exposure. ASF-Advanced Skin Facades. ASHRAE. Asymptotic Curves. Asymptotic Gridshell. Audience Evaluation. Autopromotion. Auxetics. Backpropagation Networks. BAM-Building Automation Modelling. Bamboo. BBCA-Bâtiment Bas Carbone. BEM-Building Energy Modelling. BEP-Building Envelope Performance. BI-Business Intelligence. Big Data. BIM Families. BIM-Building Information Modelling. BIMLOD. Bioclimatism. Biodivercity®. Biodiversity. Biology. Biomaterials. Biomimicry. Bioplastics. BIPV-Building Integrated Photovoltaics. Blockchain. Blocks. Books. Bookshelve. BPS-Building Performance Simulation. Breeam®. Bricks. BTW-Betweenness centrality. Building Prefabrication. Building Skin. Bundling. CA-Cellular Automata. Cable. Cablenet. CAD-Computer Aided Design. Cartography. Case Studies. Caustics. CBB-Facades Noise Classification. CCS-Carbon Capture & Storage. CD-Computational Design. cDA-Continous Daylight Autonomy. CDaaS-Computational Design As A Service. CEB-Compressed Earth Blocks. CEM-Combinatorial Equilibrium Modelling. Ceramics. CFD-Computational Fluid Dynamics. Chebyshev Nets. CIM-City Information Modelling. CIMLOD. Circular Economy. Circular Mesh. City. Classification. Clay. Climate. Climate Change. Climate Emergency. ClimateFurniture. CLO-Closeness Centrality. Cloud. Cloud Computing. CLT-Cross Laminated Timber. Cluster Analysis. CMC Surfaces. CNC-Computer Numerical Control. CNN-Convolutional Neural Network. Code. Coliving. Collective Behavior . Color. Comfort. commons. community. Complexity. Composites. Computational BIM. Computational Geometry. Computational reuse. Computer vision. Concert hall. Concrete. Concrete Shell. Conical Mesh. Constructing. Construction. Construction Materials. ConTech. Cork. Covisibility. Coworking. Crafts. CRE-Commercial Real Estate. Crossings. Crowding. CSW-Catalog Service for the Web. Culture. Curvature. Data. Data Art. Data Collection. Data Engineering. Data Mining. Data Science. Data Scraping. Data Visualization. Datalake. Dataset. Daylight Rendering. Daylighting. DBP-Digital Building Permits. DBSCAN. Deep Learning. DeepTech. Demographics. Density. Deployable Structures. DES-Dynamic Energy Simulation. Design. Design Automation. Design Fiction. Design Optimization. Design Space. Design thinking. Detailing. Developable Surface. DF-Daylight Factor. DfMA-Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. DGP-Daylight Glare Probability. Diagrams. Diagrid. Digital Design. Digital Humanities. Digital Manufacturing. Digital Urban Regulations. DIT-Do It Together. DLA-Daylight Autonomy. DMP – Data Management Plan. DMS-Data Management System. Double Curvature. Double layer. Drawing. Drought. DSF-Double Skin Facade. DSH-Direct Sun Hours. DSP-Daylight Saturation Percentage. DT-Digital Twin. DTM-Digital Terrain Model. DTS-Dynamic Thermal Simulation. Dupin Cyclides. Dynamic Daylighting. Dynamic Masterplanning. Dystopia. E+C-. Earthen Materials. EC1. EC5. Ecology. Economics. Ecosystem. EDA-Exploratory Data Analysis. Education. Electricity. Embodied Carbon. Emergence. Energy. Energy Renovation. Engineering. Environmental design. EROI-Energy Return On Energy Invested. ETFE-Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. ETI-External Thermal Insulation. EUI-Energy Use Intensity. Eurocodes. EVO-Evolutionary Optimization. FABLAB. Fabric. Fabrication-Aware Design. Fashion. FDM-Force Density Method. FFD-Fast Fluid Dynamics. Fiberglass. Fields. Films. Finance. Financial Modelling. FinTech. Flickr. Flooding. FOA-Facades Orientation Angle. Folds. Food. Forces. Form. Form-finding. Foundations. Foursquare. Fractal. Free-form. Frugality. Funicular form-finding. Furniture Design. Futur. Fuzzy Logic. GA-Genetic Algorithm. Game Design. Game Urbanism. GameTech. Gaming. GAN-Generative Adversarial Networks. GBT-Gradient Boosted Trees. Generative Art. Generative Design. Generative Floor Plans. GeoDataScience. Geodesic Curves. Geography. Geology. Geomaterials. Geometry. Geometry Rationalization. Geospatial Technologies. GFRP – Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer. GHG-Global Greenhouse Gaz. Gilles Deleuze. GIS-Geographic Information Systems. Github. Glass. GLT-Glue Laminated Timber. GoodPractice. Graph. Graphical Statics. Graphics. Gravity Centrality. GREB. Green infrastructure. Green wall. Greenhouse. GreenTech. Gridshell. Gridshell Anchors. Gridshell Buckling. Gridshell Connexions. Gridshell Edges. Gridshell Erection. Gridshell Geometry. Gridshell Reference. Growth. GSA-Global Sensivity Analysis. GVI-Green Visibility. Hardware. HBIM-Heritage Building Information Modelling. Heat Network. Heatwaves. Heightening. Heliostat. Hemp. Heritage. HFC-Hemp Fiber Composite. History. Hot wire cutting. Houses. Housing. HTM-Heat Transfert Modelling. HVAC. Hydrology. IA-Information Architecture. IA-Intelligence Artificielle. Ice. iDA-Inversed Daylight Autonomy. IGA-Iso-Geometric Analysis. Image Processing. Infrastructure. Innovation. Inox. Insights. Instagram. Installations. Insulation. Interactive. Interoperability. IOT-Internet Of Things. IP-Intellectual Property. Iron. Isochrone. Isovist. IT-Information Technologies. iTC-Indoor Thermal Comfort. JFC-Jute Fiber Composite. Joinery. K-Means Clustering. Kagome. Kinetics. KM-Knowledge Management. Knowledge Areas. KPI-Key Performance Indicators. L-Systems. Label. Land Prospecting. Land Use. Landart. Landsat. Landscape. Layout Optimization. LBSN-Location Based Social Networks. LCA-Life Cycle Analysis. LCZ-Local Climate Zone. LEED v4®. LegalTech. Lidar. Light. Lighting. Lightweight Structures. LinkedIn. Literature. Liveability. Location Intelligence. LocationTheory. LOD. LOD1. LOD3. LOD300. LOD400. Low Carbon. LUX-Illuminance. LVL-LaminatedVeneerLumber. MAAS-Mobility As A Service. Main Dimmensions. Mapping. Maps. Marching Cubes. Marionette Mesh. Master Planning. Materials. Mathematics. maxDA-Daylight Saturation. Maze. Mecanics. Meshing. Metaballs. Metals. Micro Housing. Micro Units. Microclimate. Milling. minDA-Minimum Daylight Autonomy. Minimal Surfaces. Mirrors. ML-Machine Learning. Mobility. Modular Construction. MOO-Multi Objective Optimization. Morphogenesis. MRT-Mean Radiant Temperature. MSV-Mean Solar Vector. Mud. Museum. Music. Natural Ventilation. nature. NBS-Nature Based Solutions. Nesting. Networks. NF HQE®. NFC-Natural Fiber Composites. NLP-Natural Language Processing. NMT-Non Manifold Topology. Non-Standard. Normative. NRB-Net Radiation Benefit. NVF-Nature View Factor. Obsolescence. Offices. Open data. OpenBIM. opensource. Opinion. Origami. oTC-Outdoor Thermal Comfort. Oulipo. Outdoor Airflow Analysis. Outdoor Comfort Impovement Strategies. Painting. Panelling. Paper. PAR-Photosynthetically Active Radiation. Parallel Mesh. Parametric Design. Parkings. Participatory Sensing. Particle-Spring System. Passive Strategies. Pattern Languages. Patterns. Pavilion. PBR Materials. PCP-Parallel Coordinates Plot. PDE-Prospect Distance Evaluation. Pedagogy. Pedestrian Wind Comfort. Perceived Density. Performance-Driven Design. PET-Physiologically Equivalent Temperature. Peter Rice. PFS-Pedestrian Flow Simulation. Philosophy. Photogrammetry. Photography. Pile Design. Pinterest. Planar Quad Mesh. Planarity. Plants. Plasma cutting and beveling. Pleated Structure. PLM-Product Lifecycle Management. PLU. POI-PointOFInterest. Point clouds. Politics. Pollution. Population Density. Procedural Modelling. Product design. Products. Programming. PropTech. Prospective. PSY-Psychrometric Chart. PTFE-Polytetrafluoroethylene. Public space. PV-Photovoltaics. Pylons. Quad Mesh. QV-Quality Views. Radiation Rose Diagram. Railway Station. Rainwater. Rammed Earth. Rapid prototyping. RE 2020. Real Time 3D. Real-estate. Real-estate technologies. Real-Time BIM. Reality Capture. Reduce. Refurbishment. Reinforcement Learning. Renaturalization. Rendering. Research. Resilience. Responsive design. Restaurant. Retail. Reuse. Rewilding. Risks. RNE – Renewable Energies. Road. Robotic Construction. Robotics. Roof. Ruled surfaces. SAL-Solar Access Loss. sASE-Spacial Annual Sunlight Exposure. Satellite Imagery. SBSAR. Scanning. Scarcity. Scatter PLots. Science. Scribit wall robot. Sculpture. sDA-Spatial Daylight Autonomy. SDF-Signed Dstance Functions. SEF-Sky Exposure Factor. Self-Construction. Semantics. SET-Standard Effective Temperature. SG-Shape Grammar. Shaders. Shading design. Shell. Shopping center. Shortest Paths. SHR-Shadow Range. SI-Swarm Intelligence. Simulation. Skylight. Slack. Slate. Smart building. Smart city. Smart Contracts. Smart home. Social Networks. Sociology. Soil Artificialization. Solar Access. Solar Design. Solar Envelope. SOM-Self Organizing Map. Space Analysis. Space Syntax. Spaceplanning. SR-Solar Reflection. SRE-Solar Radiant Exposure. SREa-Annual Solar Radiant Exposure. SREs-Summertime Solar Radiant Exposure. SREw-Wintertime Solar Radiant Exposure. Stadium. Stage Design. Stage Visibility. Stairs. Static Daylighting. Statistics. Steel. Stereotomy. Stigmergy. Stone. Strange Attractors. Straw. Straw Bale Construction. Straw Blocks. Street Art. Strips. Structural Arches. Structural Buckling Analysis. Structural Design. Structural Engineering. Structural Geometry. Structural Glass. Structural optimization. Structural Patterns. Structural Straw. SUDS-Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. Summertime Thermal Comfort. Supervised Learning. Surface. Sustainability. SVF-Sky View Factor. TA-Thermal Autonomy. Tagging. Technology. Temporary Structure. Tensegrity Structures. Tensile Structures. Tension. Terrain Analysis. Texture. Thatch. Theory. Thermal Comfort. Thermal renovation. Thermics. Thermography. Thin-Shell. Timber. Timber Engineering. Timber Structures. Topography. Topology. Topology Optimisation. Tower. Traffic. Training. Transports. TRC-Textile-Reinforced Concrete. Tree structure. Trees. TSI-Thermal Sensation Index. UAV-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. UDI-Useful Daylight Illuminance. UHI-Urban Heat Island. UHPC-Ultra High Performance Concrete. UHPFRC-Ultra High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. UI-User Interfaces. UNA-Urban Network Analysis. Ungrowth. Unroll. Unsupervised Learning. UOV-Unobstructed Views. Upcycling. Urban. Urban Aerolics. Urban Analysis. Urban Digital Model. Urban Furniture. Urban Greening. Urban Hydrology. Urban Infills. Urban Landscape. Urban Morphology. Urban Planning. Urban Regulation. Urban Renaturalization. Urban Screen. Urban Sprawl. Urban Typologies. Urbaneering. Urbanization. Use. UTCI-Universal Thermal Climate Index. Utopia. UX-User Experience. VAL-Visual Access to Landmark. Vault. VDFP-Visual Data Flow Programming. Vegetation Modelling. Vehicle. VGA-Visibility Graph Analysis. Virtual Worlds. Virtualization. Visibility. Visibility Adjusted Contact. Visualization. Voronoi diagram. Voxel. VR-Virtual Reality. VTO-Views To Outdoors. VWT-Virtual Wind Tunnel. Walkability. Waste. Water. WCS-Web Coverage Service. Weather. Weaving. Web. Web 3D. Web 3D Configurator. Web 3D Viewer. Web Dev. Web Mapping. Webdesign. Wellbeing. WFC-Wave Function Collapse. WFS-Web Feature Service. Wind. Wind Rose. Wind Turbines. WMS-Web Map Service. Wood. workflow. WRO-Water Runoff. Zero Net Artificialization. Zoning Regulations

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